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When Coffee Met Little Hearts

A look behind the scenes of an experimental shoot

The one thing about photography is that it changes how you perceive the world. Every time you look at people, objects or places, something within you captures beautiful moments with the mind’s eye. And when you see an unusual prop or even an everyday thing, you want to shoot something interesting with it. So, when I received a coffee mug from Kitchen Treats this Diwali, I set it aside for a creative experiment, when I had some time at hand.

I love being a commercial advertising and lifestyle photographer. But, when I get some time off, I love shooting for myself. It’s like playing with my own imagination.

My toy, this time, was a melamine coffee mug. I chose to complement the mug with Little Hearts cookies because of the inscription on the mug. (Take a closer look at the image.)

I wanted to create drama by using just one source of light and wondered how it could be achieved. I didn’t know how, even as I began the shoot. It came to me gradually, like a brewing coffee, taking its time to transform into a full-bodied aromatic delight.

It was only when I started setting up the background and the props that I had a clearer picture of how I would shoot.

As the main source of light, I used an Elinchrom FRX400 without a modifier. As the coffee mug was white, it was easy to light it up from the other side with a sheet of thermacol. I placed a wooden grill between the light source and the mug to create a hard shadow.

I then added the bowl of cookies, but they were engulfed by the shadow of the mug. So I decided to add another Elinchrom FRX400 with an eight-degree grid modifier to create a mini spot effect on the cookies next to the mug.

Later, I placed a lit candle in the backdrop to add some light and shadow texture. And, the last thing I did, was pour steaming hot coffee into the mug so I could capture the vapour.

Here’s a quick look at some behind-the-scenes snapshots.

I like the way this shoot has turned out. Do you? Write to me in the comments.



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