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The Silhouette Moment

Capturing a candid moment is a skill in itself. It needs quick thinking, perfect timing and an eye for aesthetics. Here’s the story of a candid snapshot captured behind the scenes at a fashion show in Maximum City

A studio is a perfect example of contrasts. On the one hand, a beautiful set of models face the camera; on the other hand, a set of light men, attendants and other crew members run around the shooting floor, getting equipment in place so that the pretty subjects can be made to look prettier.

I was shooting stills as part of the camera crew at the Loreal Hair Fashion Show some years ago. A few of those pictures are part of my portfolio. You can see them here.

Behind the scenes at that fashion show was a large, hardworking crew. I was one of a team of photographers. We were waiting around for a while for the models to get ready. I looked around and took pictures of the crew caught up in their business.

And then the music began to play. The lights came on, beams dancing across the studio to the music. The runway came alive as model after model sashayed across, strutting their stuff. Camera shutters went clickity-click.

Between those multiple clicks, I spotted a fellow cameraman taking a breather to check his shots. A bunch of light beams criss-crossed his form as they dramatically changed to the music. I watched his silhouette for a brief moment and then captured its beauty for posterity.

Here’s the photograph of that moment.

Behind the scenes at a fashion show


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05. Mai 2022

Candid photography is quite an art. Interesting picture!

Gefällt mir
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