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The Reading Culture

Once a common sight on the streets, newspaper readers are hard to spot these days. Here are some rare moments where print still prevails over digital media

The newspaper holds a special place for me. It’s part of the reading culture that I grew up in. I have distinct memories of it from my childhood days.

My father would pace around the house as he waited for the newspaper to arrive so that he could read it with his morning cup of tea. I would watch him read, and sometimes try to get his attention by asking him what’s in the news. He would read out a bit just to humour me.

These days, when I visit him, I make it a point to ask him about the news. He smiles and explains in detail what he has read in the newspaper.

Parelkar Senior reading his daily newspaper

The newspaper holds a special place for me. Watching people read the broadsheet warms my heart.

So, when I watch people reading newspapers on the street, I cannot help but pull out my camera and capture the moment. Here’s a series of those photographs.

Some were shot in the hustle-bustle of my home city. Others were taken during a trip to the hills where I explored the tiny town through my lens while my wife was window-shopping on the market street.

The home of author Ruskin Bond is a welcome sight with its vibrant culture and down-to-earth people. An absolute delight for street photography.


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